Rental Gear

Most of the equipment that is required for participation in our courses is available for students to rent or, in some cases, to use. All gear is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's important to reserve what you need as soon as possible. Rental gear is for use at our training facility only.


Most of our pistols have Tritium night sights and are rented complete with spare magazines. Holsters and magazine pouches may be available for use.

Description 1/2 Day Rate Full Day Rate
Glock 17, Gen4, 9mm $25  $40 
Glock 19, Gen4, 9mm $25  $40 
Glock 22, Gen4, .40 cal $25  $40 
Glock 26, Gen4, 9mm $25  $40 
HK P2000 LEM, .40 cal $25  $40 
SIG P229 DAK, .40 cal $25  $40 


Our rental rifles are custom Daniel Defense DDM4v7s or DDM4v11 rifles. Each has an Aimpoint and a Blue Force Gear two point sling.

Description 1/2 Day Rate Full Day Rate
Daniel Defense M4 w/ Aimpoint Micro T-1 and BFG Sling $45  $85
Aimpoint Micro T-1 with Daniel Defense Mount* $15 $25
Aimpoint PRO* $15 $25
Aimpoint CompM4s w/ QRP2 Mount* $15 $25
BFG Vickers Combat Applications Sling* $5 $5


Night Vision

We have all of the night vision gear needed to participate our courses. If you or your agency is considering buying night vision equipment, it may be a good idea for you come to one of our courses and try our gear first. We can typically credit rental fees toward your purchase when you're ready.

Description  1/2 Day Rate  Full Day Rate
PVS-14, bump helmet, helmet mount, IR laser  $65  $100
PVS-14 Only $45 $80
IR Laser $30 $50