SAC Grid Reticles

The SAC utilizes an alpha-numeric grid that is fixed in a very precise, consistent position relative to the bore of the weapon. The grid pattern itself varies based on the type and magnification of sights used. While the grid can be easily customized to meet the requirements of a specific end-user, we have created three standardized grid patterns that work with most weapons used by US military and law enforcement organizations.

M4 SAC Grid

Assault Rifle/ SMG Grid

For assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and some light machine guns (i.e. M4/, M16, MP-5, M27), the SAC grid is graduated in large, bold squares and smaller, finer squares. The large squares, which are designed to be easily visible when using iron sights or optics with no magnification, are 4 mils (equal to approximately 14.4 inches at 100 yards). The small squares are for use with low power magnified sights (i.e. 3-4X magnification). They are 2 mils (approximately 7.2 inches at 100 yards). There is a cut-out portion on the large squares that creates a 'notch' for the front sight post when using iron sights.

M4 SAC Grid

Sniper Weapon Grid

The grid for sniper weapons with magnified optics (10X magnification or greater) is significantly finer than the one used on assault weapons. Each square on the sniper grid is 0.2 mils (approximately 0.7 inches at 100 yards). The smaller squares allow for much more precise readings - less than 1/2 minute of angle (MOA). This type of precision is required for sniper weapons, where the accuracy standard for each piece of the system and for the system as a whole is 'better than 1 MOA'.

Unlike the assault weapon grid, the sniper grid is not a square. In order to allow shooters to record zero at extremely long engagement distances, the bottom of the grid is extended by 16 mils.

M4 SAC Grid

Hybrid Grid

Some weapons, such as the SCAR Heavy, can be used with a broad range of sights depending on mission requirements. For those weapons, we developed a hybrid grid that allows for use with both unmagnified optics and sniper sights. The hybrid reticle has the standard assault weapon reticle with a fine reticle overlaid in the central portion of the grid. The small, fine grid is designed to only be visible when viewed through magnified optics.