We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.

- Archilochus


Learn low light principles and how to use tools and techniques to 'win the light fight'.


Clearing structures is a fundamental skill for officers or armed citizens.


We work team movement and other advanced issues in this course. Builds on fundamentals.




Our classes are written and taught by national-level subject matter experts with backgrounds in military and police special operations, criminal investigations, and high threat security.


Your time is valuable. We work hard to ensure that we deliver our materials efficiently. We carefully craft our course progressions to develop skill quickly, and we spend time and effort on presentation and logistics.


If you ever have to use the skills we teach, there will likely be a follow-on fight in the legal system. The relevance of our experience, our lesson plans, and our record keeping allow us to support our clients in court.






Having some sort of med kit is critically important. This one is small and easy to access.


Low Light/ NV Training.

We've been leading the way on low light and NVG training and law enforcement TTP development since 2004. Our courses are principles-based and address the reality of constantly changing light conditions during missions in developed areas.


Learn low light principles and how to use tools and techniques to 'win the light fight'.


This 5 day course teaches low light principles and how to apply the NVG to the gain dominant advantage.


Most violent encounters take place at night. This course prepares you use NV tools to win.


Visit our facility...

It's more than just a range! We have a number of services and amenities for police officers, FLETC students & instructors, and lawfully armed citizens- anyone who is concerned with protecting themselves and others or who has an interest in shooting sports.

Professional training.

We offer a full range of firearms, MIL/ LE, and personal security courses. Come prepared to laugh and have a good time... because that's how you learn.

Premium products.

Our ProShop is a great place to pick up professional grade guns and gear. Products in our shop are selected by our veteran operations and law enforcement staff.

On-site gunsmith.

Need parts or sights installed? Repairs done to your pistol or rifle? Our full-time gunsmith can help! We also offer Cerakote and laser engraving.

Combat fitness.

Fitness is an integral part of combat readiness (i.e. preparing to protect yourself or others in a life-or-death situation). We have a gym and programming specifically designed to this end.

Investigations & security.

We're a licensed security and private investigation firm. Our staff has experience in investigations, dignitary protection, protective intelligence, and high-threat security.

& Coffee!

Relax in the Shoot House Cafe, our on-site coffee shop! OK... it's not a REAL coffee shop, but we do have free brewed coffee, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating!