Using the SAC in Operational Units

SF Soldier During OEF, Courtesy DoD

While the SAC is a tremendous tool for training or teaching basic rifle marksmanship, its most important benefit applies to operational units. The SAC allows shooters to adjust or confirm zero on weapon systems in less than one minute in any environment (i.e. in a vehicle, on an aircraft, on board ship, behind cover on a patrol, in a hide, etc.) without compromising their position. This improves combat effectiveness by ensuring that shooters always have a good, tight zero.

Loss of zero on a weapon leads to consistent misses.Consistent misses give the enemy time to inflict casualties on friendly forces. They can also lead to errant rounds that hurt or kill non-combatants.

Confirm Zero Before Leaving the Wire

The SAC can be used to quickly confirm zero on weapons during pre-mission checks. This means that shooters always go into the fight confident that their weapons and sights are ready.

Confirm Zero During the Mission

Weapons are frequently banged around violently during infiltration (parachute, FRIES, etc.). Weapons are also sometimes dropped or banged during the course of operations. With the SAC, weapons can be quickly checked and adjusted (if needed) as soon as conditions on the ground allow.

Change Sights to Meet Evolving Mission Requirements

Some units, particularly SOF, have multiple sight options available for their weapons. Each of those sight options typically has a particular strength- and some inherent weaknesses. With the SAC, the strengths and weaknesses of various sight options can be matched up with mission and the operating environment to ensure that shooters always have the best tool for the problem at hand.

Immediately Zero Replacement Weapons

During sustained operations, weapons go down and replacements or new personnel arrive. Both result in shooters with unzeroed weapons. The collimator enables those shooters to immediately zero their weapons and become combat effective.