Get Off the X

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Target: TG2
Distance: 5 yards
Load: One 4 round magazine

For Time: On the buzzer, fire 1 round into a 4-inch circle, then step offline and fire 3 more rounds into the same circle with no misses. Beginners should work from the aimed-in position; intermediate/advanced work from the holster. You may shoot this drill 2 times and record the best score.

Beginner par time - 10 secs
Intermediate par time - 7.5 secs
Advanced par time - 5 secs


Download Target 2

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  • when I miss i dont mind telling because i know i need to work on something and if I post it ON HERE I feel I can get some pointers to help not the type comments you would get on youtube from couch commandos

    joseph nigro on

  • 4.61 + 1miss

    Ben on

  • 3.82 sec. from CC

    Note to Staff: The goal should always be to not miss, but I hope you are not discouraging shooters from commenting here just because they may miss a shot and take their toys and go home!

    David Farber on

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