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Target: TG5
Distance: 7 yards
Load: One 4 round magazine

For Time: On the buzzer, fire 4 rounds into an 8x6-inch oval. Fire the first 1 round to the right of cover, the 2nd round to the left of cover, the 3rd round to the right while kneeling, and the 4th round to the left of cover while kneeling. Your piece of cover must be large enough to completely hide behind. Misses add 2 seconds. You may shoot this drill 2 times and record the best score.

Beginner par time : 10 secs
Intermediate par time: 7 secs
Advanced par time: 5 secs

Download Target 5

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  • XD Mod 2. 1st try 8.48 with 3 hits low. 2nd try 8.19 good hits

    Ben on

  • 9.5 sec on the second try, first try all my hits were low. this is the first time I have done this type of drill and I clearly need to work on it

    Ben on

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