Kneed for Speed

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Target: TG5
Distance: 20 yards
Load: One 6 round magazine

For Time: On the buzzer, fire 2 rounds from the standing the position and 4 rounds from the kneeling position. Misses add 2 seconds. Beginners should work from the aimed in position and fire all 6 rounds kneeling. Intermediate/Advanced should work from the holster. You may shoot this drill 2 times and record the best score.

Beginner par time - 18 secs
Intermediate par time - 16 secs
Advanced par time - 11 secs

Download Target 5

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  • Good shooting Brandon!

    David Farber on

  • My club does not have 20 yd. so had to use 25 yd. outdoor range.
    T1 = hits 0
    T2 = hits 1 15.13 + 10 = 25.13
    Need to work on that!

    David Farber on

  • 10.39

    Brandon on

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