Shoot 5, Dummy!

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Target: TG2
Distance: 5 yards
Load: One 5 round magazine +1 dummy round randomly inserted (cannot be first or last round)

For Time: Fire all 5 rounds into 4 inch circles. Intermediate/Advanced work from the holster. Beginners work from ready position and will not use a dummy round. Misses add 2 seconds. You may shoot this drill 2 times and record best time.

Beginner par time - 9 secs
Intermediate par time - 7.5 secs
Advanced par time - 5.5 secs

Download Target 2

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  • XD Mod 2 AIWB 4.40sec

    Ben on

  • XDS from concealment 5.93

    Ben on

  • XD Mod 2 5.79sec… XDS 5.94 +1 miss =7.94

    Ben on

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