The Dirty Dozen

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Target: TG5
Distance: 10 yards
Load: One 12 round magazine (if your magazine doesn't hold 12 rounds, load 12 rounds into as few magazines as possible and conduct reloads as needed during the drill)

For Time: Start from the aimed in position. On the buzzer, fire 12 rounds into the oval: fire the first 3 rounds to the right of cover; drop to a knee and fire 3 more rounds; shift to the left side of the cover and fire 3 more rounds from the kneeling position; then stand up and fire the final 3 rounds. Misses add 1 second. You may shoot this drill only 1 time.

Beginners shoot all rounds without moving and without using cover.

Intermediate par time - 19 secs

Advanced par time - 17 secs

Download Target 5

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  • 16.25 + 1 miss +17.25 XD Mod 2

    Ben on

  • 12 rounds on target in 14.46 sec. at 10 yds. In full disclosure, I am 65 and used kneepads with an IDPA legal ESP div. XDM 5.25 9mm. Do you get extra points for hitting the triangle? I nailed it with 4 shots. LOL
    Go Army! Be All You Can Be!

    David Farber on

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