Who is John Galt?

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Target: TG5
Distance: 15 yards
Load: One 4 round magazine

For Time: On the buzzer, fire 2 rounds from the right side of cover into an 8x5-inch oval, then drop to a knee while remaining behind cover and fire 2 more rounds into the oval. Misses add 2 seconds. Begin in the aimed-in position. Misses add 2 seconds. You may shoot this drill 2 times and record the best score.

Download Target 5

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  • 6.5 + 2 misses = 10.5 these drills have showed me I am not good at fighting from cover for some reason.

    Ben on

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    Sarah Carlson on

  • 6.68 in 2 tries. 1st one was faster but I missed 1.

    David Farber on

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