Is Darkness Your Ally?

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Target: TG5 (x2) positioned no less than 4 feet apart
Distance: 5 yards
Load: 1x4rds
For Time
You will need a handheld flashlight for this drill (though shooting in the dark is preferable, it is not necessary for this drill). Begin with a hand-held flashlight out and in a ‘search’ orientation. On the buzzer, draw (strong hand only while employing the flashlight with the support hand) and fire 2 rounds into an 8x6-inch oval for time, then transition to a different 8x6-inch oval and fire another 2 rounds. Misses add 2 seconds. You may shoot this drill 3 times and record the best score.
*Tactical consideration for advanced shooters: Light is on and in search mode: on the buzzer light goes out, step offline and draw, light comes on the moment before you shoot.

Download Target 5

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  • 3.87 day light and no extra moves

    Ben on

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