10-4 Good Buddy

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Target: TG3
Distance: 10 yards
Load: One 4 round magazine

For Score: Fire 4 rounds at the concentric circles. Hits in the center 1-inch circle are worth 5 points, hits in the 4-inch circle are worth 3 points, hits in the 7-inch circle are worth 2 points, and misses are worth 0 points. You may shoot this drill 2 times and record the best score.

Beginner level par score : 8
Intermediate level par score: 11
Advanced level par score: 16

Download Target 3

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  • first run 12, second run 16

    Ben on

  • 12

    Ben on

  • 13

    Ben on

  • Well just made beginner with 8. Too bad Mr Buck didn’t straighten me out sooner, I would have done a whole lot better!

    BJ Whitaker on

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