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Target: TG1
Distance: 3 yards
Load: Two 1 round magazines (Beginners one 2 round magazine)

For Time: Begin from the aimed in position and shoot 1 round into a 5-inch circle, conduct an emergency reload, and fire 1 more round into the same 5-inch circle. Misses add 1 second. You may shoot this drill 4 times and record the best score.
Beginners should fire 2 rounds with no reload.

Beginners should fire 2 rounds with no reload
Intermediate par time: 3.5 secs
Advanced par time 2.5 secs

Download Target 1

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  • 2.38 fair amount better than last time

    Ben on

  • 3.11

    Ben on

  • 1 ER 1 @ 5 yards from ready
    2.55 sec.

    David Farber on

  • 3.89

    Brandon on

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