FAST Drill

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FAST Drill

By: Todd Green

Target: FAST Drill
Distance: 7 yards
Load: One 2 round magazine and one 4 round magazine (for beginners one 6 round magazine)

For Time: On the buzzer, starting in a relaxed stance (with arms down at sides), fire 2 rounds at the head target(3×5 card); perform an emergency reload; and fire four rounds at the body target(8″ plate). Beginners work from the low ready position and do not reload; intermediate/advanced work from concealed holster or in duty condition with all holster retention devices active. You may shoot this drill 2 times and record the best score.


  • 10+ seconds: Novice
  • less than 10 seconds: Intermediate
  • less than 7 seconds: Advanced
  • less than 5 seconds: Expert

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