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Target: TG4
Load: 9 rounds (1 magazine)

Notes: This drill underscores our responsibility to be as accurate as we are able. Take your time between shots. Think about the perfect sight picture- begin to see the front sight as a feedback loop. Parse your target for any information it may yield. Even if you hit all the dots- did you have a consistent error doing so? Good luck and have fun!

Beginner: Place one TG4 target at 3 yards. Engage every dot with a single round. This drill should be conducted with maximum effort towards accuracy. There is no time limit, go slow. Any hit within the dot counts. Any hit outside the dot does not. A perfect score is 9.

Intermediate:  Same as beginner, completed at 5 yards.

Expert Distance: Same as beginner, completed at 7 yards.

Download Target 4

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