Complex Motor Skill

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Target: TG4
Load: Three 3-round magazines
Additional Equipment: Pro Timer; magazine carrier; 3 magazines

Notes: This drill measures how well the shooter ties together several skills in concert to deliver an accurate product on a challenging target. As is always the case, accuracy matters. Slow down, be safe, have fun and good luck!

Scoring: Hits are scored as anything inside the dots.

Beginner: Load three magazines with three rounds each. Place a single TG4 target at 5 yards, high center-chest height. With a holstered weapon, on the buzzer, draw your weapon and engage the top left green dot with one round. Continue engaging the dots left to right. When you have exhausted the magazine, conduct a mag change and engage the second row with three rounds and finally the third row. Count your hits and record your time.

Intermediate:  Same as beginner. Place the TG4 target at 7 yards. 

Expert Distance:  Same as beginner. Place the TG4 target at 10 yards.

Download Target 4

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