Drawstroke By Color

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Target: TG4
Load: One 9-round magazine
Additional Equipment: Pro Timer

Notes: This drill is conducted from the holster. Set your timer to "random". What we are measuring is how we bring several complex skills together to deliver our most important product in training: accuracy. Be safe and have fun!

Scoring: Hits are only those rounds that impact the correct dot per string. Dots that miss are not counted. A perfect score for this drill would be 9/9 (a single miss would be an 8/9). Though time is not a variable per se, take note of how quickly you are able to process the individual shot string. Much like reality, you only get one shot at this ... make it count. Slow down, get your hits. Take a picture of your best group and tag us on Instagram or Facebook! 

Beginner: Place a single TG4 target at 5 yards. With a holstered weapon, on the buzzer, engage every orange dot on the TG4. After holstering, score your target. Complete the same sequence of events using the gray dots, then the green dots and finally the white dots. Remember to score each string after it is shot to avoid confusion in scoring.

Intermediate:  Same as beginner. Place the TG4 target at 7 yards. 

Expert Distance:  Same as beginner. Place the TG4 target at 10 yards.

Download Target 4

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