Low Percentage, Long Distance

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Target: TG7
Load: One 6-round magazine
Additional Equipment: Pro Timer

Notes: Much like other low percentage target drills, this drill supports a complex group of skills that should act in concert to deliver a product weighted toward accuracy but modified by speed. The new variable is a bit more distance. Your shooter solution should reflect more time to read the front sight. Slow down, have fun and good luck!

Scoring: Hits inside the orange triangle are no penalty. Hits on the light gray (rear) oval but not touching the orange triangle are assessed as .5 second penalties. Hits on the dark gray oval (front, hostage) are assessed as 3 second penalties. 

Beginner: Place a single TG7 target at 7 yards at roughly head height. With a holstered weapon, on the buzzer, engage the light gray oval on the TG7 with two rounds. Holster and complete two more iterations. Record your best time, adding hit penalties.

Intermediate:  Same as beginner. Place the TG7 target at 10 yards. 

Expert Distance:  Same as beginner. Place the TG7 target at 15 yards.

Download Target 7

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