Strong Hand Drawstroke

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Target: TG5
Load: One 6-round magazine
Additional Equipment: Pro Timer

Notes: This drill is strong-hand unsupported. Concentrate on getting the best information back out of the front sight and (very important to this skill) mitigating the recoil. Be safe and have fun!

Scoring: Hits inside the oval are counted, hits outside the oval are not. Record your time for all three iterations. Any iteration with a miss is a disqualified run. Your best time with no misses will serve as your score. Take a picture of your best group and tag us on Instagram or Facebook! 

Beginner: Place a single TG5 target at 5 yards. With a holstered weapon, on the buzzer, engage the center (inverted triangle) of the TG5 with two rounds from the strong hand unsupported position (just the strong hand) as accurately and quickly as you can. Re-holster your weapon. Note your time, taking your hits and/or misses into consideration. Complete the drill two more times, taking your best time with no misses as your score.

Intermediate:  Same as beginner. Place the TG5 target at 7 yards. 

Expert Distance:  Same as beginner. Place the TG5 target at 10 yards.

Download Target 5

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