Magazine Change

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Target: TG3
Load: One 4-round magazine
Additional Equipment: Pro Timer; additional magazine worn on the support side belt line, or where you typically carry it.

Notes: Magazine changes are something we all love to do ... but hate to have to do. This drill is simple enough. It measures your ability to efficiently reload the pistol and accurately re-engage. Have fun, be safe, and good luck!

Scoring: Hits outside the #3 ring are not counted. Each hit in the #3 or #5 rings count for 5 points. 

Beginner: Place a single TG3 target at 5 yards, equivalent to high center chest on a silhouette target. With a holstered weapon, on the buzzer, engage the center of the circle on the TG3 with one round, conduct a magazine change and re-engage the center circle. Holster and record your time and hits. Be sure to mark your target. Complete another 2-round engagement in the same manner. Holster and record your time. Record your best time/points.

Intermediate:  Same as beginner. Place the TG3 target at 7 yards.

Expert Distance: Same as beginner. Place the TG3 target at 10 yards.

Download Target 3

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