Inserting the Collimator Spigot

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Inserting the Collimator Spigot

The SAC spigot is engineered and manufactured very precisely in order to make it rigid and durable AND to protect the barrel. However, shooters should still be careful when inserting the spigot in order to prevent damage to the SAC or the weapon. Have a buddy help with this process whenever possible.

ALWAYS avoid putting excessive off-axis (up/ down/ left/ right) pressure on the collimator. Doing so can bend the collimator spigot and/ or damage the weapon.

Any time the spigot is inserted:

  1. ENSURE that the weapon is CLEAR and on SAFE.
  2. If possible, clean and lightly oil the spigot prior to use.
  3. Carefully insert the spigot into the barrel of the weapon, getting the rubber buffer as close as possible to the end of the barrel/ flash hider without actually contacting it. It is best to insert the SAC the same way each time- we recommend inserting it with the optical housing at the 9 o’clock position (from the shooter’s perspective).
  4. Rotate the SAC clockwise to the vertical position (be as precise as possible).

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