We're offering a limited number of range and gym memberships to people who want to train regularly to protect themselves, their families, and our community.

Developing 'combat' proficiency with a gun- i.e. becoming fast, accurate, and consistent enough to win a fight- requires that we first learn proper techniques and then that we practice those techniques regularly so that they become ingrained. Our Range Training Membership is designed to give members access to elite-level training and coaching and allow them to get live-fire practice in on a regular basis.

With our gym add-on, members will be able to blend functional fitness with dry-fire and live-fire weapons training to truly prepare for violent, life-or-death encounters. Join us as we work to improve our conditioning, our shooting, and our general preparedness.

Standard Membership

$65 per month

MIL/ LE: $45 per month

  • Unlimited use of our indoor range
  • Access to members-only events & training, including daily RDOD sessions
  • Discounts on Telluric courses
  • Discounts on products

Gym Add-On

$25 per month

MIL/ LE: $20 per month

  • Blend functional fitness with range and tactics training
  • Unlimited access to our combat fitness gym during normal operating hours
  • Can be purchased as a stand-alone membership for $65 per month ($55 per month LE/ MIL)

Limited Membership

$10 per month


  • Designed for people who shoot less than 3 times per month
  • Space available access to our range
  • $25/ hour range fee
  • Discounts on Telluric courses
  • Discounts on products

Membership Details

We require memberships because, unlike most gunshop ranges, we allow actual training- drawing from holsters, moving and shooting, etc. To keep things safe, we do our best to track the training and proficiency of everyone that walks onto our range. We do that to ensure that shooters don't endanger themselves or others because they don't know safety rules or proper gun handling techniques. We also do criminal background checks.

Range & Gym Access

Members get access to our indoor range, shoot house, pistol simulator, and gym during normal operating hours (except when the range is in use for scheduled classes). Our operating hours are:



Members-Only Events

Skill Development Sessions - we'll regularly have practice sessions with planned drills and exercises that address a certain skill (i.e. pistol reloads). These sessions will be quick and focused. All you have to do is show up and train.

Law Enforcement Qualification Practice - these sessions will be primarily for FLETC students looking to improve their qualification scores, but they're open to anyone who wants to participate.

Workshops & Clinics - members will have the opportunity to learn and train with us in sessions that range from 30 minutes to several days in length. Some of our planned workshops include: Gracie Survival Tactics; Fighting From an Ankle Holster; and Intro to Room Clearing.

Competitions - friendly competition can make training more fun and help us to push ourselves to improve. We'll have a 'Drill of the Day' that will be timed or scored. Times and scores will be posted so that members can get an idea of where they are and what they need to work on. We'll also have more formal members-only competitions throughout the year.

Discounts on Telluric Courses

Members and their immediate family members will receive a discount on formal Telluric Group training courses. We are a nationally recognized, professional training organization. We've had the honor of working with many of our nation's most elite law enforcement and military units. That same level of training is available to our members- at a discounted rate. These courses allow members to build a solid foundation in terms of technique and skill set. Then they can practice them regularly...

For those who want one-on-one coaching or who are uncomfortable training in a group setting, private lessons are also available to our members.

Discounts on Products

Our ProShop features equipment that we've identified as reliable and essential. We carry the best available gear for low light and night vision operations, pistol and rifle employment, navigation, and other firearms and survival related activities. Brands include Aimpoint, Surefire, Pyser-SGI, ITT Exelis, and more. Members get discounts on items in our ProShop.

Members also get discounted rates on firearm rentals. Pistol rental is just $15 per 1/2 day for members. We have most of the guns used by agencies that train on FLETC available for rental.

The Fine Print

We ask that members use ammunition bought in our ProShop. Lead exposure can be a problem on indoor ranges, especially for people who train regularly. We have a very sophisticated (and expensive) ventilation system to protect shooters. Controlling ammo quality, though, provides an added layer of protection. It also protects our bullet traps, which helps us keep prices as reasonable as possible.

Background checks are required. The law says that if you have felony convictions or a history of domestic violence, you can't have a gun. For that reason, a background check will be required for members. We also have a responsibility, which we take seriously, to do everything we can to avoid training the bad guys.

Scheduled classes have precedence over open range time. The range will not be available for individual shooting when scheduled classes are using the range. Our schedule will be readily available to members.


Need more information or ready to join? Give us a call at 912-342-7419, stop in for a tour, or...

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