Low Light Operator
  • Low Light Operator

Low Light Operator

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Learn to fight effectively in the dark.

Most violent encounters happen in reduced light. Our 3 day Low Light Operator course provides law enforcement officers with a solid understanding of low light principles and a set of simple, effective tactics and techniques to help them win low light engagements against determined adversaries. It is rooted in Hick's law and OODA, and designed for 1-2 man elements. The course includes classroom presentation, live fire, and force-on-force drills and exercises. 

Topics Covered
What To Bring
      1. • Quick review of flashlight techniques and issues (i.e. hand confusion and sympathetic contraction)
        • Review of strong hand only shooting
        • Techniques for searching with a flashlight and a pistol
        • Neck index method of shooting with a handheld flashlight
        • Modified Harries technique for shooting around strong side cover
        • Searching for and assessing threats with a handheld light and pistol
        • Low light principles
        • Reading light conditions
        • Moving in and around structures in low light
        • Methods for doorways/ room entry (1 and 2 man)
        • Dealing with hallways and stairs
      2. You'll need the following gear in order to participate:
        • Quality, serviceable semiautomatic handgun with at least 2 magazines
        • Open carry holster and magazine pouch or some other way to carry a spare magazine on your person
        • Handheld tactical flashlight
        • Ear and eye protection (we have both available for use, but you may be more comfortable with your own)
        • Notepad and pen
        • Approximately 300 rounds of Ammunition*


        *For your safety, it is preferred that all students fire our TCJ ammo because it reduces lead by over 90% at the firing line. Our training ammo is sold at the lowest price possible in our onsite Pro Shop (i.e. a 50ct box of .40 Cal is currently $16.00). Please contact us prior to your class to verify we have your preferred caliber in stock. You may bring your own ammo, but our staff will need to inspect it before it is allowed on the range. No mixed-metal projectiles or steel core/AP rounds are allowed. 
      3. Training/ Skill

        Police academy, Defensive Pistol 3 or equivalent FORMAL training.


        All lawfully armed US citizens are welcome to participate in this course. To confirm eligibility, please provide the following documents BEFORE the class is scheduled to start:

        1. US state or federal ID (i.e. driver license)
        2. LE or MIL ID card OR valid concealed carry permit OR background check from your local law enforcement agency showing no felony or domestic violence convictions, restraining orders, etc. that make it illegal for you to possess a firearm.
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