Mag-Pod 3 Pack
  • Mag-Pod 3 Pack
  • Mag-Pod 3 Pack
  • Mag-Pod 3 Pack

Mag-Pod 3 Pack

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MagPod® is a simple device that allows for supported shooting in the prone position. It is a direct replacement for the standard 30 Round PMAG floorplate (compatible with Gen2 MOE or older PMAGs). It's constructed of durable, 15% glass fiber reinforced PA6 material with a double injection molded TPU basepad for improved traction on hard surfaces. They come in a 3-PACK.


Using the MagPod yields documented improvements in accuracy. It creates a flat surface at the bottom of the magazine that provides a stable base and allows the shooter to lean into the rifle, both of which translate to tighter groups.


MagPod makes it easier for shooters to establish a steady firing position when getting into the prone- which means fast first-round hits. It also allows for quicker recovery and faster follow-on shots. And MagPod is always ready- there’s nothing to deploy or adjust prior to use.


Unlike traditional bipods or Grip Pods, there is no down-side to the MagPod. It doesn’t add bulk or weight to the rifle or create a snag point that’s detrimental in close quarters. In fact, it has additional benefits- it makes it easier to remove mags from pouches and allows for identification of mags.

Magpul® and PMAG® are registered trademarks of Magpul Industries Corp. Mag Pod® is not manufactured or endorsed by Magpul Industries Corp. and MagPod LLC has no affiliation with Magpul Industries Corp.

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