Sevigny Carry Sights for Glock
  • Sevigny Carry Sights for Glock

Sevigny Carry Sights for Glock

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These are the sights that almost all of our instructors and staff have on their every day carry pistols. They are solid black with good spacing between the front sight post and rear sight notch, which allows for quick and accurate 'equal light, equal height' sighting. The corners of the rear sight are rounded to prevent snagging during the draw stroke or discomfort when carrying concealed. They have two Tritium lamps in a vertical configuration, which we have found to be ideal for low light engagements and for use with NVGs.


Front Sight: .125” wide x .250” tall, no serrations, black oxide finish, 3/16” hex screw retention.

Rear Sight: .6250” wide x .120” rear notch, .250” tall, flat back drafted surface (no distracting points, edges or serrations) with nominal 1/8” radii top corners, designed to be more “Carry Friendly” with rounded outer corners, hardened steel, black oxide finish, dovetail press fit and stainless set screw for back-up retention.

Tritium installed by Trijicon. Large green tritium front with white outline. Small yellow tritium rear. Vertical two dot configuration.

Made in the USA, PATENTED design.

Drift adjustable rear only.

Installation recommended by a qualified gunsmith only.

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