NV Defender 2
  • NV Defender 2

NV Defender 2

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This course builds on the skills and knowledge developed in our NV Defender 1 course. The shooting gets more advanced and dynamic, and accuracy standards are enforced. Students will shoot our scored NV qualification course. We will also move into the shoot house for close-quarters drills and exercises using non-lethal training ammo (NLTA). The course includes classroom presentation, live fire, and UTM (NLTA) drills and exercises.


Topics Covered
What To Bring
  • • Review of individual movement and hand-eye coordination
    • Pistol employment under NVG
    • Advanced rifle skills under NVG - shooting from cover, transition to pistol, moving and shooting
    • Reading and understanding light conditions
    • Selecting tactics and techniques based on light conditions for maximum tactical advantage
    • You'll need the following gear in order to participate:
      • Quality, serviceable semiautomatic M4 style rifle with optical sight and laser, sling, and at least 4 magazines
      • Pistol with tritium sights (we do have a temporary workaround)
      • PPE (eye and double ear protection; hat or helmet; body armor is optional but recommended)
      • Duty/ tactical gear (with ability to carry at least 3 spare rifle mags and 2 spare pistol mags)
      • Night vision goggle with head or helmet mount
      • Notepad and pen
      • Approximately 300 rounds of rifle and 150 rounds of pistol Ammunition*


      *Armor piercing, steel core, or penetrator ammunition is not allowed. We have a limited amount of ammunition available in our Pro Shop for purchase. Please contact us in advance to insure we have the quantity and caliber you require. UTM non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) and conversion kit for AR-15/ M4 style rifles will be provided.
    • Training/ Skill

      Documented intermediate to advanced level carbine/ rifle training.


      All lawfully armed US citizens are welcome to participate in this course. To confirm eligibility, please provide the following documents BEFORE the class is scheduled to start:

      1. US state or federal ID (i.e. driver license)
      2. LE or MIL ID card OR valid concealed carry permit OR background check from your local law enforcement agency showing no felony or domestic violence convictions, restraining orders, etc. that make it illegal for you to possess a firearm.
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