UE07 Rear Cap Assembly
  • UE07 Rear Cap Assembly

UE07 Rear Cap Assembly

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The UE07 allows for remote activation for any Scout Light WeaponLight. It includes a replacement tailcap and a pressure switch with a 7 inch cable and plug. The tailcap module (which has a socket for a pressure switch rather than the push-button tailcap included with most lights) screws onto the Scout Light body. The switch, cable, and connector are an integral unit that plugs into the tailcap socket. The pressure-activated switch attaches to firearm via adhesive-backed Velcro® pad. This model features a 7 inch cable, which fits most rifle/carbine applications. Entire unit is O-ring sealed at both ends, weatherproof.

[NSN: 6150-01-5943-669]

Fits: Scout Lights


  • Tape switch attaches with adhesive-backed Velcro®
  • 7" cable is standard; other cable lengths available
  • O-ring sealed, weatherproof
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