Telluric is a family of companies that improve security for individuals and organizations through the provision of world-class training, premium gear, and investigative and security services.

This website is our retail portal. For more information on who we are and what we do, visit our corporate website.


Telluric has been delivering simple, innovative solutions to the US military, domestic law enforcement , and private clients since 2004. The company has fielded weapons-related equipment to every US Army sniper team and to every USMC Infantry unit, provided advanced training to thousands of police officers and elite military personnel, advised the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan, and protected executives in high-risk locations.  

In 2014, we opened our facility and our resources up to the general public. We did this because we strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment and in the need for citizens (an important word to us) to be able to effectively defend themselves, their families, and our communities.


We're fortunate to have a team of deeply experienced, innovative leaders and instructors. Our experience spans almost three decades, across a broad range of operational backgrounds. Members of our team:


  • Protected US Presidents (and various dignitaries and executives);
  • Fought in the Battle of Fallujah;
  • Hunted and apprehended thousands of high-risk fugitives in the US and abroad;
  • Rescued Americans in various bad situations around the globe;
  • Trained and led foreign-nationals in Africa, the Mid-East, and the Americas;
  • Conducted hundreds of high-risk vessel boardings;
  • Served as the end user representative to the product design team of a major US night vision producer;
  • Investigated major crimes at the local, Federal, and trans-national levels;
  • Oversaw all training for a major federal LE agency;
  • Ran a skunk-works that provided cutting-edge answers to the US government.  


Experience is important, but it's only one aspect of delivering world-class solutions to our clients. Other things you can expect from our team include:



We're not perfect (and we've honestly gone through some periods of painful growing pains), but we work hard to make sure that our customers are taken care of. Even when it costs us. As a result, we've had thousands of happy customers over more than a decade in the industry.


Experience or expertise in our line of work frequently turns into arrogance. Arrogance is a weakness, and it's one that we don't tolerate for long among our instructors or staff. There is no greater compliment to us than to see the word 'humble' on course evaluations or in reviews of our service.  


Being friendly may not be cool but, honestly, we've never been that cool anyway. We like most people, and we hope that it shows in the way we treat them.  


We're proud to be the Official US Training Partner to Aimpoint, the world-leader in red dot sighting technology. Through this partnership, we've provided low or no cost training to deploying military units and police departments since 2012. We're launching a new program around what we think is the biggest thing in law enforcement since body armor - the Aimpoint Acro P-1.