IR Laser Zero Targets (Fixed Zero Distance)

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At the request of a military customer, you can now buy our targets for a fixed zero distance (i.e. 100m) with marked impact circles for different mount positions. This allows for units with lasers mounted in diferent locations to use a single type of target. Note that zero distance refers to the the distance you actually zero your weapons at, not the distance that the target is placed (it should still be placed at the 25).

Establishing a precise zero is the foundation for effective marksmanship. Zeroing IR lasers has always been a chore. Just getting a range at night is often difficult or impossible. The ‘bloom’ or ‘halo’ caused by the laser dot on traditional zero targets make it close to impossible to determine with any precision where the laser dot (point of aim) actually is in relation to the center of the target. Our IR Laser Zero Targets have three features that make zeroing easier and more precise.

First, they have a ½ inch reflective circle at the center of the target (point of aim). When the laser is centered on the target the reflective square illuminates dramatically to indicate proper (exact) POA. We have seen a tremendous improvement in shot groups since we started using these targets in our classes.

Next, approximate impact area for top (12 o'clock), right (3 o'clock), and left (9 o'clock) mounted lasers (using the constant offset method, which we generally recommend) are indicated by three circles that are printed onto the target.

Finally, each target has a zero adjustment grid that is designed to match the lasers adjustment increments so that 1 click on the laser’s adjustors = 1 square on the target. On this particular target, the grid squares are each 1 cm.

And... a new feature. The grid also includes alphanumeric identifiers so that shooters can: 1) use our target to get an approximate zero; 2) confirm at distance and make fine adjustments if needed; 3) shoot our target again to identify and record their refined/ precise zero position. This allows for future confirmation of zero at 25m. 

IR Laser Zero Targets come in packs of 10. For large orders, please contact us for contract pricing.