NATO Survival Compass

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The NATO Survival Compass is a small, rugged button compass that provides cardinal direction in emergencies (i.e. escape and evasion). It is designed to be carried in a survival kit, sewn into clothes, or even swallowed when things go really wrong. It's made of brass and glass with a niva-tipped brass pivot and a jeweled sapphire bearing. It's MILSPEC construction makes it highly resistant to corrosion and capable of performing in the harshest of operational scenarios. It outperforms all other survival compasses in the world today.

Francis Barker compasses are not only the most precise, rugged compasses in the world- they are also a part of history. They were used by Dr. David Livingstone on his Africa expeditions. They've also been used for generations by officers of the British Army, and are currently used by a number of military forces throughout the world.