Pistol Mounted Optic Collimator

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The PMO Collimator is a simple, reliable, and extremely precise tool for establishing and confirming zero on Pistol Mounted Optics (PMO).
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A simple answer to an inconvenient truth

As more and more agencies adopt pistol mounted optics (PMO), it's becoming widely understood that many are not holding zero- and that creates serious problems (operational and liability) for LE agencies and lawfully armed citizens. The PMO Collimator solves these problems by allowing shooters to check zero routinely... without having to make a trip to the range. Confirming or adjusting zero with the collimator can be accomplished quickly and accurately in any environment (i.e. at the station, at the trunk of a patrol car, etc).    

An invaluable training tool

The PMO Collimator saves a tremendous amount of time and ammunition during the initial zero process by getting shooters close to zero before the first group is ever fired.  Feedback from instructors indicates that this saves 2 or more hours of training time and a significant amount of ammunition. That time and ammo can be allocated to more useful training with the weapon.  The collimator is also useful for helping shooters understand their equipment and the relationship between them, the pistol, and the optic.  

Identify and address equipment problems

The PMO Collimator makes it easy for instructors or armorers to identify, diagnose, and address problems with optics, mounts, or pistols. One agency, for example, discovered that some of their sights had a tremendous amount of parallax. Shooters didn't realize it until they used the collimator. Once the problem was identified, the agency used the collimator to  find all of the out-of-spec sights, which were removed and returned for repair. 


  • ACCURATE - our collimators provide sub-MOA accuracy for zero confirmation. 
  • SIMPLE - the PMO Collimator is easy to use with very little training. There are no moving or interchangeable parts and no adjustments. 
  • PROVEN - our collimators have been fielded to the US Army, the USMC, and many other organizations and agencies for years, with exceptional results.


Compatibility 9mm pistols w/ red dot and 4" or longer barrel
Accuracy/ Repeatability +/- 0.25 MILS (<1MOA)
Reticle Design PMO Grid
Reticle Graduation Small squares = 5 MOA, Large Squares = 10 MOA
Size (Collimator/ Kit) 9.5x1.5x2" / 11.25x7.5x3.75"   
Weight (Collimator/ Kit) 0.4 lbs / 3.2 lbs